Gatwick United

Gatwick United is a sports club located in Horley & Crawley who offer classes and teams of football, basketball & netball.

Are you tired of running in the gym after your dream of staying fit and wanna come to a good class? come to play the ball and feed your brain with a way more valuable satisfaction.

Come to our club to become a better person, stay fit and win trophies. The smallest unit in our organization is the team and not the player. 

gatwick united logo
Gatwick United logo

The football, basketball and netball are widely played by 700 million people and more than half of the world’s population consider themselves to be fans and followers.

And this is because in ball games the brain excitement of scoring a gol, or making the assist for it, it’s irreplaceable.

Most of the time we play as we train, if you are such a good player why not come and show us? we’ll find someone able to give you a good pass – Gatwick United.