Burgess Hill Town U9 – Gatwick United FC U9 13/03

Burgess Hill Town U9 – Gatwick United FC U9

An away game for us this weekend, both Gatwick United and Burgess Hill juniors started the game really well with some fantastic football shown. Burgess Hill managed to take a cracking shot leading to the first goal of the game.

Gatwick kept up the pressure with great passing and defending throughout the first quarter and managed to net 2 goals raising spirits for the team. Burgess Hill came back out and fought hard to keep Gatwick away from their goal. A great cross from a corner and deflection off a defender meant Gatwick were able to claim another goal.

Gatwick United FC U9
Gatwick United FC U9

Burgess Hill came back after half time with an incredible attitude. They didn’t give up and kept pressing regardless of the result, playing some impressive football that warranted praise. Gatwick fought hard to keep Burgess Hill away, it was a credit to both teams seeing the children have fun and work hard to battle for their teams.

It’s fantastic to see all the children enjoying themselves playing great football, forming good relationships and to see such passion and teamwork at a young age, is something that really makes the coaches proud!

The team have put so much effort into the games and it shows with 5 consecutive wins.

A massive thanks must go to the parents for their support and commitment every weekend.

Burgess Hill Town U9 – Gatwick United FC U9

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Written by: Stephen Mackey