FAQ – Frequently asked questions.

What is Gatwick United Sports Club?

Gatwick United is a sports club who welcomes members from 6 years old through to seniors.

Where is Gatwick United Sports Club located?

Gatwick United is a sports club located in Horley, Surrey with classes & teams in Horley & Crawley, England.

What classes and teams does Gatwick United Club have?

Gatwick United Sports Club has football, basketball and netball classes and teams.

How can I register me or my kid with Gatwick United Club?

To become a Gatwick United Club member it’s very easy, you can fill the registration form on this page with just few clicks. Our memberships start from £5/session and are billed monthly or annually.

Who is the main sponsor of Gatwick United Club?

The main sponsor for 2020 of Gatwick United Sports Club is the software company Christian Transfers who runs the online transport agency with the same name. Mooslain Mobility App maintain the entire digital side of our club, like the website and the marketing by social accounts.

How can I contact Gatwick United Club?

To contact Gatwick United Sports Club its very easy, just fill the form on our contact page and we will be in touch shortly.

gatwick united FAQ
Gatwick United FAQ

FAQ – Frequently asked questions – Gatwick United Sports Club