Horley Town FC chairman said the team is ready for promotion

Horley Town FC chairman said the team is ready for promotion

Mark Sale, Horley Town FC chairman, is delighted with how the season has gone so far for his club. Horley Town chairman insists the club is ready for promotion this season.

Excited Mark Sale has heaped praise on manager Anthony Jupp for his man-management skills in Horley Town’s quest for promotion to Step 4.

With the Southern Combination Premier Division has coming to a temporary halt because of the lockdown, the club’s chairman took time to reflect on the season so far which sees Jupp’s men second in the table behind Saltdean thanks to seven wins and two draws from their ten matches.

“Juppy keeps the players happy and he does that really well. He’ll let them know if they are going to be on the bench. He has been a top player himself and he treats them how he wants to be treated.”

“That’s the great thing about him. He will talk to people face to face and not over a text and that’s what players respect. Everybody who plays for us respects him, the management team and the club.”

Horley Town’s chairman said the team is ready for promotion

“Not many will play every game. Except maybe the goalkeeper everyone will have a rest at some point, or get suspended, or have an injury, which could come along.  You need your squad. If you miss three players of your main team through injury that’s a massive hole. It shows the strength we’ve got.”

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Sources: Horley Town FC twitter

“We had a really good game against Dorking Wanderers in the Surrey Senior Cup before lockdown. We lost 3-1 when we were 1-0 up and we had a player sent off after 30 minutes for a soft red.”

“Even at ten men we gave Dorking a good game. The nice thing was we actually played Dorking the Horley way. We didn’t change the way we play. The best  thing was that some of their players said to ours, ‘wow, we didn’t think you were as good as this’ and Marc White their manager commended Juppy and our team. To lose 3-1 to Dorking Wanderers with ten men for 60 minutes, you can’t knock that.”

“Everyone expected them to come here and knock us five, six or 7-0 but we certainly held our own and if it had been 11 vs 11, I’m not saying we would have beaten them, but it would certainly have been a closer game.”

“We’ve always said we would love to get promoted. We’re ready. The ground’s ready, the club’s ready and the players are ready.”

Sources: InYourarea and Horley Town FC twitter feed.