Sheriff Sarr appointed Director of Football at Gatwick United

Sheriff Sarr appointed Director of Football at Gatwick United

Gatwick United has recently appointed Sheriff Sarr as their new Director of Football. He will lead the way to becoming a well-established Horley Football Club and also the first football club in Horley with girls and women’s teams.

Gatwick United has appointed Sheriff Sarr, to help with the hiring of new coaches, development of the coaching team, and the building of the teams within the club. He will lead in bringing the vision of the club to life; to enable long term strategies to be achieved.

Sheriff has over 6 year’s experience in football coaching with a range of outstanding qualifications, the most recent being his degree in Football Coaching Level 2. He coached for the Chelsea Foundation for 2 years after completing a coaching course at Thomas Bennett College. His wealth of experience will enable Gatwick United to prosper as it develops.

Sheriff has been inspired to take on this role as in his own words; “I wanted to test myself in a role, I’ve not done yet, in my young career and wanted to be able to make changes in the community, by helping kids find a passion in football and also gain experience in the role”. This shows a great deal of ambition and willingness to succeed. His future goal is to “coach at the highest level possible and be the manager to one of the best teams in the world”.

Currently Gatwick United has 7 teams. The boys’ team’s are categorised in to Under 8’s, Under 9’s, Under 10’s, Under 11s and Under 12’s. There are currently 2 girls’ team’s, these are under 9’s and Under 12’s. The boy’s play in the Mid-Sussex Youth League and the girls will play in the Sussex County Girls & Womens’ Football League.

The current coaches are Richard, Modou, Bertin, Mitchell, Anthony and Sheriff. The club is currently looking to recruit few more football coaches, who will be supported in the role going forward and will help Gatwick United FC achieve their future ambition’s.

Each session, all young footballers “will learn the basics of playing football such as passing, positioning and awareness.” The ability of each player “will be tested in the matches in the end, to see if they have taken in what they have been taught. And take the new skills to the matches at the end of the season.”

Once the child has joined, thy will become officially a member of the Football Association and the parent or carer will have to authorise this membership. The benefits of being a member of Football Association, means they can take part in official football matches and build up their credibility as a football player.

The cost of joining the club is free and monthly payment is only £15. The £180/season includes the football kit, training and membership to the FA.  This is a really easy process to complete as Cristian takes charge of this. However, they will try to support anyone with proven financial difficulties.

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If you are interested in your child joining the team or if you are interested becoming a football coach for young people please contact Cristian, by what’s app to this number 07463 715859 or use the registration form to express your interest.