League 16/01 Gatwick United FC U10 – Premier United White U10

League game in 16/01 Gatwick United FC U10 – Premier United White U10

Out first game in 2022 and well needed after our long Christmas break away from Football

A new year with a new philosophy of football for our U10 team. Pass and move, with an emphasis on having fun and improving day by day. During the last two weeks, we have been focusing on passing / dribbling with both feet and pressing as a team. Our approach for the match was to ensure that we had plenty of energy / movement from kick off, to work hard for the team but to have fun, supporting each other.
We started with a change of formation, playing 3 at the back with a bank of 3 in Midfield when defending. When attacking, we changed formation to a 2 4, giving the opportunity for either one of our Centre backs or our Central midfielder to dictate play and bring the ball up the pitch. Our wingers act as fullbacks, it’s a constant battle to maintain focus and the determination to run up and down the wing but all players did a fantastic job, covering loads of ground.

gatwick united u10
Gatwick United U10

The game finished 2 – 2 on a crisp Sunday morning, all subs enjoyed 2 x Qtr’s of football and the game was respected and enjoyed by all those involved. We defended as a team very well which I am very proud of.

League game in 16/01 Gatwick United FC U10 – Premier United White U10

In summary, the team and our opponents played well, we even enjoyed a well spirited penalty shootout that was enjoyed by all. Our next opponents will be away at Cuckfield Cosmos Athletic away. This week’s training focus will be pass and move with both feet.

Stephen Trindade, Gatwick Utd U10 Manager

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