England Netball signs resolution for sport

England Netball signs resolution for sport to be at heart of nation’s recovery from COVID

England Netball is one of more than 50 organisations from the sport and physical activity sector to have come together to sign a New Year’s resolution to ensure sport and physical activity is at the heart of the nation’s recovery from COVID-19 in 2021.

This New Year’s resolution is part of the #SaveOurSports campaign, which began in September 2020 with a letter to the Prime Minister highlighting the important contribution the sports and physical activity sector makes to society.

As we approach the end of a difficult year, we have come together to make a collective New Year’s resolution to the nation for 2021.

Firstly, we would like to thank everyone in the sporting and activity world; colleagues, participants, members and especially all those who volunteer, for everything you have done to support efforts to enable as much sporting activity as possible to take place safely in these difficult times. We would also like to thank the Government for their support to date in getting elite and community sport back being played. We ask for the Government to do the same for community sport and activity in the higher tiers of restrictions to ensure people can get back to participating in what they love as soon as possible.

Across the world of sport and physical activity there has been outstanding work from clubs, facility operators and many other organisations to not only keep the nation active where possible but also in the support given to your local communities. We pay tribute to each and every one of you for the efforts you have made to support the national effort against Coronavirus whether that is providing venues for testing facilities, raising money for those who need it most, and helping everyone to enjoy the incredible physical, mental and social benefits of being more active.

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As a sector too, we want to thank our wonderful NHS and key workers for everything they have done for our families and our communities this year.

We all share an absolute focus for sport and physical activity to be at the heart of our nation’s post-COVID renewal in 2021 and beyond, helping everyone to get fitter and healthier.

England Netball signs resolution for sport

This means making plans for supporters to return to full stadia and people to return to their grassroots facilities as soon as possible, creating the income needed to reinvest into these communities. Alongside this, the sector requires tailored financial and regulatory support to rebuild and revitalise our nation’s health.

Some of the sport and physical activity sector organisations who sign the petition:

  • Football Association
  • England Athletics

    England Golf


    England Hockey


    England Netball

  • Volleyball England

Many other sport organizations signed this resolution, you can see full list on England Netball here.